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Mike and Claudia HallMy goal is to bring you honest unbiased information you can use to improve your health and your life.

We live in a hype fueled world and in the arena of supplementation there is more hype that fact. I will try and sift though the hype and misinformation to give you the honest truth. So many companies spin their marketing to make it sound like they have discovered and age old secret, others will twist science to fit their angle and their product. Some will quote scientific research that proves their product is superior, but when you look, it doesn’t exist, or doesn’t even apply. Some will spend millions on advertising to sway your purchasing decision that their product is the best there is and complete from A to Zinc, yet the product is very poorly rated. Unless you understand the science of our bodies it is difficult to filter the noise to find the facts. That is what I’ll do for you.

So what makes me qualified to bring you this information.  Let me explain by telling you a bit of my story. I grew up wanting to be a doctor. I was fascinated by how the body worked. I went to school taking pre-med courses and have degrees in Bio-Chemestry and Psycho-Biology.  I ended up not going to medical school and ended up in business and found business, especially manufacturing was as complex as the human body. So I ended up getting a Masters in Business Administration and went into consulting. For the past number of years I’ve been working with pharmaceutical, food, beverage, skin care, bio-tech, and nutriceutical companies helping them improve their manufacturing and streamline their new product development.

What I’ve seen and experienced with some of the companies I’ve worked with has been eye opening – Like how do pharmaceutical companies really come up with new drugs. How foods are designed to make them as addictive as possible at the lowest cost. How little quality control really goes into many products, especially supplements. I’ve also worked with a few companies which were truly head and shoulders above the rest. If you look in my pantry and refrigerator you can probably guess which are the best I’ve visited.

I’ve also continued my education into how our bodies work, what makes us healthier, and what doesn’t. I practice what I’ve learned and through diet and supplementation have seen impressive results in myself, my family, and our friends. If you give every cell of your body all the nutrients it needs, in the right amounts, in the correct ratios, and the most bioavailable forms, then your body can do what God designed it to do. Here are a few stories from my immediate family and close friends.

  • I was able to reduce the inflammation, and resulting pain, from a severe L3-L4 disk herniation and was able to ski black diamonds run up to two weeks before surgery.
  • After surgery they said I’d never run again – I run 4-5 miles a day and still ski black diamonds.
  • Several women have been able to improve their thyroid functioning and got off of or reduced their thyroid medications.
  • My mother was on dialysis for a dozen years with 100% kidney failure, when she started on my regime her kidneys began to function again. She still needed dialysis, but for far shorter durations.
  • Our grand kids, who are now in high school and middle school, can’t remember ever having a cold, and haven’t missed  a day of school for years.
  • Claudia’s skin has improved so drastically that she no longer needs any makeup aside from lipstick and mascara. People have literally stopped her while shopping and have asked her what she does to get such radiant glowing skin.

What you’ll find in my posts and information is my unique blend of perspectives from my science and business education blended with what I’ve seen and learned from many of the companies I’ve worked with.  I’ll dig past the hype and headlines to find the truth.

You’ll also see some of my pictures with my wife and best friend Claudia. Claudia also has a pre-medical background and now owns Bella Pelle Laser with is a laser hair removal and esthetics business. When you look at her skin that is from diet and the best skin care available, not from esthetic services, peels, or surgery. Just the right food, right supplement, and the right skin care.

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