Are You Putting Poison in Your Childs Hands?

bigstock-Close-Up-Portrait-Of-Cute-Girl-47861486One of the fist things children learn after potty training is to tie their shoes and to brush their teeth. Tying their shoes is easy, but getting them to brush their teeth morning and night is a daily battle in many homes. To tempt the kids to brush their teeth there is a wide array of candy and bubble gum flavored tooth pastes on the market. But take that tube and look on the back. chances are very good you’ll see this warning:

[box type=”warning”] “Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”[/box]

Why would you have to call the poison control center if your child, or you, swallow a little tooth paste. The reason is the fluoride in the tooth paste. Fluoride is a poison. visit the two sites I reference below for a detailed description of the signs of fluoride poisoning.

How poisonous is the fluoride in toothpaste to kids? A single tube of bubble-gum flavored Colgate-for-Kids toothpaste contains enough fluoride (143 mg) to kill a child weighing less than 66 pounds!  Even swallowing a little bit of toothpaste every time they brush can cause problems and compound that if you live in an area that adds fluoride to the drinking water.

Fluoride is also readily absorbed through the gums. Many mouthwashes contain fluoride, it is in your drinking water.

So what should a concerned parent do? Simple, don’t buy toothpaste containing fluoride. And being shellfish parents should avoid fluoride containing toothpaste as well – You invariably swallow a little each time. Also put a reverse osmosis water filter in your house so you have fluoride free drinking water.





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