Big Pharma Funded Recent anti Multivitamin Study

Below are the names of two of the pharmaceutical companies who were some of sponsors that funded the study I wrote about yesterday that Multivitamins are not effective against cancer and heart disease.

Author Affiliations: Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc, San Diego, California (Dr Patterson); and Medstar Research Institute, Washington, DC (Dr Thomas).


Regarding Medstar, they are involved in research and development of new drugs to treat a variety of diseases.
Here are a few statements taken from their own web page under research.


Perhaps most important is the chance to help scientists discover new medicines. evaluating if an investigation drug or device is better than one that is currently in use.
There may be some risk in participating in a trial. There may be unanticipated unpleasant or life threatening side effects to the treatment being studied. Because effectiveness is often what is being studied, the trial may conclude the experimental treatment may not be as effective as the established therapy.
So perhaps there is some conflict with complementary medicine, as many mds. do not believe in the benefits of supplements but are committed to the use of pharmaceuticals.