The Diabetes Economy

When your doctor writes you a prescription is it really for your health, or the financial health of a pharmaceutical company? You’d think that your doctor would do what is best for you, but in many cases they guidance they get from the FDA and the medical community is biased and based on the wishes of the pharmaceutical industry.

Take for example diabetes drugs. in 1997 a group of experts met with the american Diabetes Association and modified the definition of what type 2 diabetes is. With that one recommendation all of a sudden 1.9 million Americans suddenly had type 2 diabetes.

The same thing happened in 2003 where they change the definition of pre-diabetes and all of a sudden 25 million people had pre-diabetes. In the years that followed they found drugs that could treat pre-diabetes if exercise didn’t work. Sadly for many people they’d much rather take a pill than exercise. So with those changes in how a “Disease” is defined boosted diabetes drug sales to over $23 billion last year.

Now why would you want to lower your blood sugar? Wouldn’t it be to reduce heart disease, stoke, loss of limbs, or blindness due to diabetes?  Well of the 30 new diabetes drugs intruded in the past decade none was tested to see if it lowered the risk of any of the side effects of diabetes, they only lowered the blood sugar level. Worse yet some of the side effects can be dangerous. In one investigation they found 3,300 cases where these patients died from the side effects of the drugs and another 20,000 were hospitalized.

Yes, diabetes is a serious disease and increasing at epidemic rates. Rather than focusing on reversing the disease there is a who economy around diabetes drugs which is fueled by organizations and doctors with financial ties to drug companies. this was found by MedPage Today and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigations.

How much corruption is there? Below are some numbers:

  • The organizations that lowered the diabetes and pre-diabetes thresholds each received millions from drug companies.
  • In one instance 13 of 19 members of a committee were paid more that $2,000,000 each in consulting and speaking fees by the companies that make the drugs. This is a way drug companies frequently funnel money to doctors and other organizations  – They pay them to speak and industry meetings and to lend their expert consulting advice to the drug companies.

This isn’t just a problem for diabetes drugs, but for many drugs. Take statin drugs for cholesterol control. Every couple of years the the healthy cholesterol target level is lowered, and in the stroke of a pen (or keyboard) millions more people are put on statin drugs like Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor and many others, and with that billions of dollars flow to the pharmaceutical companies.

They say there is no cure for type 2 diabetes, yet for many people those who begin exercise, lose weight, and greatly reduce their junk food consumption, they can get off of diabetes drugs and insulin injections.

A low glycemic diet is the secret. That is a diet which greatly reduces the foods that spike your blood sugar such as sugar, white flour, white rice, potatoes, etc.  Replace those with 100% whole wheat and grain, wild rice (key is it cooks for 30+ minutes). Also lots of vegetables, good fats, lean meats, and fruits.  Change the diet, lose weight, and exercise and you’ll feel better, look better, and avoid the problems of diabetes plus the other


Source: MedPage Today. Dec 12 2014 The Slippery Slope: A Bittersweet Diabetes Economy 

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