Doctors to stop screening for vitamin D levels

If you’ve been to the doctor in the last years your blood test most likely included a screen for Vitamin D levels. If you’re levels were low you probably were advised to supplement vitamin D to get your levels up.  Well recently MedPage Today, a daily newsletter to the medical community ran a headline article stating that routing vitamin D screening was unsupported except in high risk groups, which were post menopausal women. (at risk for osteoporosis)

Unless you’ve been on a deserted island (without WiFi) for the past decade you know there there has been hundreds of research papers published linking increased vitamin D levels to helping to prevent, or cure, everything from the common cold to cancer – and yes osteoporosis in post menopausal women.

So why would the medical community recommend doctors stop screening for vitamin D levels? It is probably a case of follow the money. The FDA is heavily supported and funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Many of the FDA executives are retired pharmaceutical executives.  Pharmaceutical companies also help support medical schools and give MDs great incentives for prescribing their drugs.  So where is the link? If everyone had adequate levels of vitamin D from a very early age through life there would be far fewer cases of many degenerative diseases including cancer.  What that means to the pharmaceutical industry is that far fewer people would be needing their very expensive and very profitable drugs.

Yes there is a cost to doing the tests, but the cost of dozens of blood tests is far less expensive than one months worth of chemo treatment. Even look at the common cold and flu. What would the savings in lost man hours due to sick days from the cold and flu? Probably billions of dollars per year. Vitamin D supplements are also very inexpensive. So with the vast amount of research on the benefits of maintaining vitamin D levels above 50 ng/ml that potentially will cost the pharmaceutical and medical industry billions.

If you live in North America you will need to supplement with vitamin D as the sun isn’t strong enough for much of the year to stimulate natural production of vitamin D.

So in the name of maintaining stock prices, which needs profits, the pharmaceutical industry would rather have us ill and using their products vs. healthy.

Before you scream the evils of capitalism and profits, look at your retirement portfolio and your 401K. I’m sure you have many pharmaceutical stocks in your portfolio.  Do you want your portfolio to go up or down? Up of course, so you want the pharma companies to do all they can to increase sales, which this is an example of.  So do get your vitamin D tested, and invest in companies other than pharmaceutical companies.

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