Fish Oil found to reduce the risk of death more than statin drugs

In April 2005 a paper was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reviewed the effects of various fat lowering agents and heart disease. This data was pulled from 97 different clinical trials comparing cardiac death rates from the various methods used to treat high cholesterol. Mortality data involving 137,000 patients using different cholesterol lowering drugs vs mortality records from 139,000 patients who were not being treated for high cholesterol. The treatments used where cholesterol lowering statin drugs, high dose niacin, fish oil, and dietary change. 

The researchers found that the greatest benefit was obtained from fish oil which provided an overall 23% reduction in the risk of death. Conversely the costly statin drugs only provided a 13% reduction.  When the risk of death from heart disease alone was examined, Fish Oil lowered death rates by 32% compared to only 22% from statin drugs.

So simple fish oil was more effective at reducing the overall risk of death from all non-accidental causes of death, and in particular from heart disease.  Fish oil achieved these remarkable results even though it had almost no effect on cholesterol levels. This is further proof that heart disease is not caused by cholesterol.

Fish oil demonstrated no side effects as compared to the statin drugs which can cause organ damage, muscle pain, and congestive heart failure.

So before you run out and pick up a bottle of the lowest priced fish oil you can find, some fish oil products have their own dangers.  The fish oil I use and recommend is guaranteed to be free of all possible contaminants like mercury, dioxin, and PCB. This fish oil is sourced from small, young, cold water fish like sardines. These small fish have not spent years in the ocean so they have accumulated little of these dangerous contaminants. Then it goes through a double molecular distillation process to insure that it is nothing but pure fish oil.

Most commercial fish oils are sourced from the organs of larger fish which are caught for their meat like tuna, shark, cod, etc.  these fish are many years old and have accumulated much higher lives of mercury, dioxin, and PCB in their tissues. Several years ago the state of California brought a suite against six companies for not identifying that their products didn’t company with the states Prop 65 restrictions against high levels of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or birth defects. These companies were:

  • CVS Pharmacy Inc 
  • Rite Aid Corp
  • General Nutrition Corp. (GNC)
  • NOW Health Group Inc.;
  • Omega Protein Inc.;
  • Pharmavite LLC (Nature Made brand);
  • Solgar Inc.
  • Twinlab Corp.
As you can see these are some major brands.

So do get some fish oil daily, but make sure it is from a safe source. For more information on the fish oil I use please contact me.