Is a Once a Day Vitamin OK?

woman with vitamin EMany popular multivitamin products tout that you only need to take one a day. Sure makes it easy, but is that effective?  Think of this, how many times do you eat a day? What if you only ate breakfast and nothing else for the rest of the day? How would you feel at bedtime?  Starving.  Your supplementation  should follow your eating schedule.

To get more specific, water soluble vitamins like the B complex vitamins and vitamin C are quickly eliminated from the body. For example all the vitamin C you take is out of your system in 8-12 hours.  So instead of taking your vitamins just in the morning it is much better to take them twice a day with breakfast and dinner, or even 3 times a day if you can.

What if your vitamin of choice is only a once a day product?  Oh well, you’re out of luck.

So look for a product which consists of an AM and a PM dose vs just a once a day so your body gets these very important vitamins all day and all night long.

Here is a link from Colorado State University which goes into details about all the water soluble vitamins.

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