Is All Natural Skin Care really better?

bigstock-Beautiful-smiling-blond-woman--15958400When you see an ad or label that reads “All Natural” you must keep in mind that the government has not defined the use of the term “NATURAL”. While a product may claim to be “all natural” unless as a consumer you know what all those ingredients are on the list, you don’t know if any of the the ingredients have been altered through a chemical process for their use.

The claim that naturals are “better” or “healthier" for skin has not been proven in studies. Although that might not make sense to you, the reasons are it is difficult to preserve many naturals without some kind of chemical or process. Also remember naturals are known to be the cause of many different allergies people have.

As a consumer you need to be very sure and check the ingredients because many all natural products may contain unexpected components and ingredients that could be very undesirable for skin. Problems also with some all naturals is they cannot provide things like lightness, easy absorbability, flexibility to avoid cracking, staying blended, emulsified and bacteria free.

Don’t just assume the advertising, read and check all the ingredients of  every product, not just naturals.

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