Levels of Vitamin D needed to prevent cancer much higher than RDA levels

Our government says that the RDA of vitamin D is 400 IU/day for adults. That is great, at that level you probably won’t get rickets. You’re probably not concerned about preventing rickets. You’re probably interested in preventing cancer or type-1 diabetes though.

Recent research at UC San diego and published in the International journal of Cancer Research and Treatment though is showing that higher levels of Vitamin D, 4,000 to 8,000 IU/Day are necessary to prevent or markedly reduce by half the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes. Even in the general population including those who take vitamin D supplements 90% of the population is still vitamin D deficient, even based on minimal RDA levels.

Here is the link to the UC San Diego press release: http://health.ucsd.edu/news/2011/02-22-vitamin-D-cancer-risk.htm

Here is the link to the published paper http://www.iiar-anticancer.org/openAR/journals/index.php/anticancer/article/view/215

You can’t get the amounts you need daily from your multi. Even the most popular multi only has a meager 500 IU/Day. The #1 rated multi in North America has a respectable 1,800 IU/day, but still far short of what you need to take daily. In the winter you can’t get enough vitamin D from the sun unless you are laying on the beach in Florida daily.  

Why would the government and FDA suggest an RDA of only 400 IU/day? The RDA values are based on the minimum levels you need to avoid diseases of deficiency like rickets, beri beri, scurvy, etc.  It is also economics. The pharmaceutical giants have tremendous influence on the FDA. If everyone started taking 8,000 of inexpensive Vitamin D tomorrow, within a few years the pharmaceutical companies would be losing billions of dollars by people not needing their very expensive drugs. For 70 cents  a day you could be taking 6,000 IU of a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D and greatly reduce your risk of many cancers. Contrast that with the profits from a cancer drug which costs $8,000 per month!!!

For additional vitamin D select a high quality pharmaceutical grade supplement from a reputable manufacture. Often what you buy in the local store or internet store is manufactured by an unknown chemical company and just distributed by the firm you deal with. You have no idea of the quality control processes they have in place or the purity of the product. I’ve personally walked through some plants which anyone would find disgusting – like dogs walking around open containers of raw ingredients sitting on the floor. People smoking within a few yards, doors wide open to let what ever is outside, inside, and more. Contrast that to a company like Usana Health Sciences,  who has been certified as a pharmaceutical grade manufacture and follows quality and cleanliness procedures required by prescription drug manufactures. Their manufacturing area is cleaner than an operating room.