Probiotic yogurt doesn’t increase good bacteria

bigstock-Medical-Imaging--Male-Organs--44008690Here is an interesting study finding that Probiotic yogurt does not alter overall microbiota makeup.”
You want to take probiotics to increase the good bacteria and decrease the bad bacteria, but if the mix doesn’t change then it doesn’t help much.

Reason this could be is that many probiotic bacteria can’t survive the trip through your stomach acid, only a few strains can survive in numbers large enough to impact gut bacteria levels. Another cause can be that probiotic yogurts active bacteria start dying off as soon as it is packaged. So if you eat it fresh vs a week later it can make a big difference.

It is important to your health to have lots of the good bacteria. The good gut bacteria do much of work of digesting your food. 70% of your immune system is dependent on the good bacteria in your gut.  The so called bad, or non-benifical, gut bacteria do just the opposite – they don’t help digest your food and can cause GI problems and it can leave you more susceptible to infection.

I take my probiotics as a dry powder. Add it to a little water, and drink it down first thing in the morning. By doing this there isn’t a lot of acid in my stomach since it is empty and the probiotics can quickly pass though the harsh stomach acid and  get into the intestines where it can flourish.

Most interesting part of this study is that it was funded by a Canadian yogurt maker! Usually if a company funds a study they usually find that their products are effective, but not in this case.

Here is the study:

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