What may really cause the winter colds & flu

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a bit, but we were on vacation for a bit.

OK, we all know too well that winter brings a rash of colds and the dreaded flu. It has been assumed for years that being indoors and in close proximity to others and with the windows closed enables the viruses to spread easier. This may all be wrong. What recent research is showing is that it may all be linked to our vitamin D levels.

In the summer you are out in the sun more, with more skin exposed, and with the sun’s rays are more intense with the sun higher in the sky, so vitamin D levels are higher. But when winter comes, the sun’s rays aren’t strong enough to produce sufficient, or any, vitamin D in the northern (or southern) latitudes. Plus we are inside more, and if we are out side we have more clothes on. So very little chance to to produce vitamin D.

Research is showing a very strong link between vitamin D levels and immune system strength. If you want to beat the winter cold and flu cycle, maybe try supplementing with 2,000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D. Personally I take 4,000 IU/day and haven’t had a cold or flu over the 6 years I’ve been supplementing with Vitamin D. (Initially it was lower levels)

Not that I’m totally immune, I may get the tickle in the back of the throat which has always preceded a cold for me, but now that tickle comes, is there for a day, and it then goes away. Maybe my immune system is just stronger and can defeat the invaders before they take control of my whole respiratory tract.