Your Glucosamine product may be useless.

Every day you see ads on TV, online, and in print touting some joint product. Walk down the supplement aisle and you’ll see dozens of different products. All will have Glucosamine, but look closely 99% use Glucosamine Hydrochloride or (HCL). A very few will use Glucosamine Sulfate. If you look at the human trials of the two different forms, the huge majority used and found positive results with glucosamine sulfate, unfortunately Glucosamine HCL is very ineffective in human trials when taken by mouth, but it is also much cheaper than the sulfate form. (see research note below.)

Many companies are very good at marketing hype and making money, they take an inferior product add MSM and chondroitin to help a little, but still the medical research shows that glucosamine sulfate alone is more effective than the other three ingredients combined!

Steven Vlad published a study in the Journal of ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM, Vol. 56, No. 7, July 2007, pp 2267-2277 titled: Glucosamine for Pain in Osteoarthritis,Why Do Trial Results Differ? The authors conclusion is “However, we believe that there is sufficient information to conclude that glucosamine hydrochloride lacks efficacy for pain in OA.(Osteoarthritis)” Click here to read the report (You’ll have to create an account with Wiley Intl)